The Slightly Technical Stuff - E-cigarettes, E-liquid & Nicotine Salts

Okay, while we’re a jovial lot, vaping is one thing we do take bloody seriously.

And in order for us to convey to you the many benefits of this phenomenon, we may need to get slightly technical. We promise to keep it simple (after all, we’re bandits not scientists) and we promise it’s all worth knowing.

Firstly, let's get chemical about e-cigarettes, e-liquid and nicotine salts...

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Vape Mod Battery Chargers - Do You Need Them?

Wondering if you really need an external battery charger since your mod already has a USB charger? The answer is most certainly yes! And it’s a yes for a multitude of reasons. 

External chargers are capable of charging your batteries much faster than a USB cable. We’re talking up to 3 times as fast!

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Choosing Your First Vape Kit

There are many types of e-cigarettes or starter vape kits on the market. These devices offer good performance without being complicated to use or expensive to buy.

For easier explanation, we will group these kits into three categories and will explain the benefits and drawbacks of each group. By the end, you should be able to make an informed decision on which type of vaping starter kit is best suited for you. 

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Minors, Moral Psychology, and the Harm Reduction Debate: The Case of Tobacco and Nicotine

By Lynn T. Kozlowski

Harm reduction debates are important in health policy. Although it has been established that morality affects policy, this article proposes that perspectives from moral psychology help to explain the challenges of developing evidence-based policy on prohibition-only versus tobacco/nicotine harm reduction for minors. Protecting youth from tobacco is critical, especially since tobacco/nicotine products are legal for adults, who usually begin using when young. Although cigarettes and other combustibles are the deadliest tobacco products, other products such as smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes, though unsafe, are upward of 90 percent less harmful than cigarettes.

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