The Slightly Technical Stuff - E-cigarettes, E-liquid & Nicotine Salts

Okay, while we’re a jovial lot, vaping is one thing we do take bloody seriously.

And in order for us to convey to you the many benefits of this phenomenon, we may need to get slightly technical. We promise to keep it simple (after all, we’re bandits not scientists) and we promise it’s all worth knowing.

Firstly, let's get chemical about e-cigarettes, e-liquid and nicotine salts

Cigarettes have been openly vilified for their shocking amount of harmful chemicals. One ciggie can contain up to 4,000 chemicals, 43 of which have been proven to cause cancer. It’s a pretty dirty business.

Alternatively, Vape Kingz liquids contain only a handful of ingredients; PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), nicotine (optional) and food-grade flavourings. All these ingredients, except for nicotine, commonly occur in many of the foods you eat. We make a point of stocking products with varying amounts of nicotine, right down to zero. This means you seasoned smokers can wean yourself off the hard stuff at your own pace. One of the main differences between vaping and smoking is that no vape liquid will ever contain tobacco, aka the cigarette’s most deadly weapon.

Now, let’s break it down like Public Enemy and crack out the Flavor Flav. Well, it’s pretty easy to cover the amount of flavour waves you can buy smokes in; menthol and regular. Yawn, how boring. At Vape Kingz the flavour options are endless. Whether your feeling fruity, want to inhale some sweet dessert, need a vape version of your fave drink or simply want to replicate that ciggie flavour, we’ve got something for every kind of bandit. You’ll never go back to the land of flavourless smoking.

Secondly, vaping will help your love life...

You dirty beggars, we weren’t talking about THAT smoking side effect (but, you know, if the shoe fits). No, however, smelling like an old ashtray is generally not the biggest turn on. Vaping is pretty odour free, in fact, if anything it leaves a sweet smell behind that doesn’t linger for long. Who would you rather take home? The lass/lad in the corner smelling like Keith Richards after yet another reunion concert, or someone emerging from a sweet cloud of pink-lemonade scented vapour?

So, there’s our technical little rant. We hope we didn’t bore you too much. It’s all pretty obvious really – once you add up the facts, using Vape Kingz range of e-liquids and nicotine salts is the way to go!

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